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hyundai car insurance

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Hyundai Verna Car Insurance

Hyundai Motors India initially debuted Verna in 2015, taking the position of the Hyundai Accent vehicle. The car is well-liked for its attractive features, safe performance, and beautiful look. Currently, the vehicle is priced between Rs 9.44 lakh to Rs 15.53 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and offered in 4 variants- E, S+, SX and SX(O). With a boot space of 480 litres, up to 6 air bags, tyre pressure monitoring system, ventilated front seats and more, the vehicle is an amazing choice among the 5 seater vehicles in the market.

Key Specifications

Here are the specifications of Hyundai Verna car.

Engine998 to 1497 cc
Estimated average service cost/yearINR 4113
TransmissionManual, Automatic (CVT), Automatic (TC) & Automatic (DCT)
Max Torque (nm@rpm)250Nm@1500-2750rpm
Fuel TypePetrol & Diesel
Mileage17.7 to 25 kmpl
Max Power (bhp@rpm)113.45bhp@4000rpm
Body TypeSedan

Hyundai Verna Insurance Price (With Different Variants)

Name of the City & RTOSelect Car Fuel TypeRegistration YearIDVAdd-Ons (Zero Dep)Premium
New Delhi – D1


1.5 CRDi VGT (1493 cc)

2020₹ 4,16,308₹ 4,043Rs. 4, 634
New Delhi – D1Petrol- XXI_ABS (1599 cc)2021 (Mar)₹ 5,20,465₹ 3,643Rs. 1, 397
New Delhi – D1Diesel- CRDI_ABS (1493 cc)2021₹5,73,840₹ 3,730Rs. 1, 470

Things Covered Under Car Insurance For Hyundai Verna

The legally required Third-Party Insurance Plan and the Own Damage cover are included in the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan if you choose it to buy. The following is a list of what the Hyundai Verna insurance includes:

  • An accident causes damage to the Verna.
  • Losses to third parties resulting from accidents or damage to their property.
  • Natural disasters cause losses (storms, floods, cyclones, etc.).
  • Losses result from anthropogenic calamities (strikes, riots, vandalism, etc.).
  • Loss if the car is stolen or if the damage is too severe to be repaired.
  • Losses are brought on by fire or explosions.

Also, take note that either the Third-Party or the Comprehensive Insurance Plan must be acquired to obtain the required Personal Accident (PA) coverage. When buying or renewing the plan, they can purchase the PA cover.

Things Not Included Under Hyundai Verna Car Insurance

The Hyundai Verna is subject to the following losses or damages that are not protected by the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan:

  • Operating a vehicle without a proper licence to do so (DL).
  • Operating a vehicle without current auto insurance.
  • Usual deterioration.
  • Mechanical or electrical failure.
  • Operating a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or another substance.
  • Carelessly operating the car.

What Are The Add-on Covers of the Hyundai Verna Car Insurance?

Insurance companies offer add-ons to help policyholders out, given the list of exclusions. As a result, they can choose from a variety of add-ons for an additional cost.

  • Spare Car Clause: If the car needs to be repaired for longer than anticipated, it will pay for its travel costs. It is often known as Daily Allowance Benefit.
  • Tyre Cover: It will safeguard the tyres by enabling customers to file a claim if a tyre or tube needs to be repaired or replaced. Several scenarios are applicable, including impacts brought on by cuts, bursts, sidewall bulging, and flattening brought on by abrupt braking.
  • Automobile Accessories Cover: This coverage enables policyholders to claim the accessories on their car if they need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Personal Belonging Cover: It covers everything about the driver’s goods, including laptops, smartphones, and other items.
  • NCB Protector: This add-on ensures that their car’s no-claim bonus is preserved when a policyholder files a claim. With this feature, their discount will still apply even if they file a claim (only 2 allowed in a policy year).
  • Key and Lock Replacement: If their car key is broken or lost, Key and Lock Replacement can help them get a new one.

How To Buy Hyundai Verna Car Insurance?

Though there are several ways to buy car insurance for Verna online, selecting Probus Insurance for the same will save you time, give fast results and offer a smooth experience. 

Step #1: Select “Products” from the menu at the top of this page. When you choose “Motor Insurance,” a “Car Insurance” option appears. Click it.

Step #2: Click “Compare Quotes” after providing the registration number of your vehicle.

Step #3: After submitting all the required information, you might have to decide which option is best for you.

Step #4: To acquire your Hyundai Verna car insurance, compare prices, weigh your options, and then complete an online transaction.

Renew Hyundai Verna Car Insurance

If a customer is looking to renew their Hyundai Verna Insurance, then they can easily do it via Probus Insurance.

  1. You can “Renew Your Policy on the Top” option when you are on Probus Insurance’s official website. Click “Motor Insurance” by hovering the cursor over it.
  1. Next, choose the insurance based on the requirements and financial capabilities. You will then be taken to the website of the relevant insurance.
  1. Customers could then be required to provide details like policy and vehicle registration numbers. Click to continue.

(The format for entering information about the car may vary from insurer to insurer.)

  1. Make the payment via credit card or debit card. Your policy has been renewed.

Hyundai Car FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about on Hyundai Verna Motors insurance

Passengers are not covered by car insurance in the event of an accident. In such circumstances, obtaining a Passenger Cover add-on is the best approach to guarantee that the passengers are protected in a business vehicle.

They can go from third-party to comprehensive, yes. But a car inspection is necessary.

If anybody thinks getting a new auto insurance policy will help them and will save a lot of money, then yes. It’s also a good idea to revoke the current policy.

Yes, as long as the car has been customized for usage, auto insurance providers will offer discounts on rates of up to 50%.