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ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Claim

Once you buy your dream car, your responsibility gets increased to protect that car from different types of hazards and risks it is exposed to such as accidents, natural disasters, fore, man-made hazards, and so on. For that, you need to buy a car insurance plan and moreover, according to the Motor Vehicle Act of India, if you are a car owner, you have to buy a third-party liability car insurance plan. For having a rich background and a wide range of customer-friendly, transparent car insurance plans with lots of variants to cater to the needs of the policyholders, many policy-seekers prefer ICICI Lombard for buying a car insurance plan.

After buying a car insurance plan, the next important thing is to know and understand the claim process of it to avoid any problems in the future. So here, all the details regarding the ICICI Lombard car insurance claim have been discussed for your better understanding.

Quick & Easy Claim Process For ICICI Lombard Car Insurance

For registering a claim for ICICI Lombard Car Insurance, the quickest way is to do it online, using their official website. Followings are the step-by-step methods of it.

  • As soon as the incident happens, you need to inform the insurer. For that, go to the official website of the company and click on the Claims option that is there on the top of the homepage. Select the Motor Claim option.
  • There you will find the Raise a Claim option and click on that. Fill in the form with necessary details such as policy number, nature of the claim, and chassis or vehicle registration number. Then, click on the Submit option.
  • Once your claim is registered, a surveyor will be appointed on the behalf of the company to assess the amount of damage, and the condition of the car and to evaluate the gravity of the incident.
  • Co-operate with the surveyor and submit all the documents as requested by the insurer or surveyor.
  • In the meanwhile, you can take the car to the preferred network garage of ICICI Lombard to avoid further damage. The company itself facilitates the pick-up and drop-off of your car by a preferred workshop.
  • The company follows up with the workshop regarding the status of your Vehicle’s repairs. If no discrepancy is found in your claim, the claim will be approved and the claim amount will be settled directly with the network garage or workshop.
  • You need to pay only the voluntary excess as mentioned in the policy and the depreciation value as informed by the surveyor.
  • You can view and track the status of your claim online. If any discrepancy is found, your claim will be denied and the same will be communicated to you by the insurer.

How To Submit An E-claim For ICICI Lombard Car Insurance?

By following the below steps, you can smoothly submit an e-claim for ICICI Lombard Car Insurance.

  • Go to the official website of the insurer. On the top of the homepage, you will find the Claims tab. Click on that and select the Motor Claims option.
  • On the landing page, click on the Submit an e-claim option.
  • A form will be opened before you. Fill it in with the required correct details such as claim number, chassis number, and the nature of loss.
  • Then, click on the Submit option. And, your job is done.

Process Of Filing a Car Insurance Claim Using IL Take Care App

ICICI Lombard has launched IL Take Care App which can be easily downloaded from Playstore or App-Store to handle your policy more smoothly, including filing a claim. Here are the mentions of the steps of the process of filing a car insurance claim using the IL Take Care app.

  • Login to IL Take Care app and add your policy.
  • Click on the Claims tab, then go for the File a Claim using InstaSpect option.
  • Add your motor claim info, such as location, time and date of loss, and a short description of the damage.
  • ICICI Lombard will initiate a live survey on the app. Make sure you’re in a well-lit area with smooth internet connectivity for the digital survey.
  • The experts of the company will guide you to show the vehicle from different angles. Photos will be captured and synced at the company’s end.
  • Then, you need to upload the necessary documents, along with the e-claim form for repair approval. And you are done.

Different Offline Processes For ICICI Lombard Car Insurance

Apart from the online methods of claim filing for a car insurance plan, ICICI Lombard has also come up with different offline procedures for the customers who are more comfortable handling the policies in a traditional way. The different offline processes are as follows.

  • To file a car insurance claim, you can call on the company’s toll-free number, 1800 2666, and their executives will guide you through the entire process.
  • You can avail of the SMS service of the insurer, just by messaging them “CLAIM” to 575758.
  • You can also directly write to the company availing of their email facility at You will soon be contacted by the insurer.
  • The most convenient method of filing a claim is to visit the nearest official branch of the company and their experts will help you to get through the offline claim process.

What Are Documents Required For ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Claim?

The required documents for the ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Claim are as follows.

Basic documents:

  • Original Claim form with NEFT mandate form (Only for non-cashless cases NEFT Mandate form has to be filled)
  • Copy of Registration certificate (In case of a new vehicle which is less than 3 months old and registration certificate is not available, tax receipts and vehicle purchase invoice is collected)
  • Copy of driving license of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • Copy of Policy
  • Certified Copy of one officially valid document & Pan Card/Form 60
  • FIR or Police report (depending on loss type)
  • Garage Estimate
  • Repair invoice
  • Canceled cheque (In case of non-cashless settlement)

In case the claim amount is greater than Rs 1 lakh in addition to the above-listed documents AML documents are also required to be collected. Here is the list of AML documents to be collected:

  • Individual: Id proof, Address proof, Photo of insured & CKYC form or CKYC number
  • Proprietor: Id proof, Address proof, Photo of insured, and proprietor proof
  • Partnership Firm: Partnership Deed or Registration Certificate or Power of attorney grant by Partners to transact business (valid documents)
  • Company: PAN Allotment letter or Memorandum & Articles of Association (IOC, MOA & AOA) or Power of attorney grant by Partners to transact business.
  • Trust & Society: Registration certificate or Power of attorney grant by Partners to transact business.

In the case of commercial vehicles:

  • All documents are listed under ‘Basic Documents’.
  • Copy of Fitness Certificate
  • Copy of Route Permit & Load Challan (Not applicable for a Small Commercial Vehicle).

In case of Total Loss and Net of Salvage Claims:

  • All documents are listed under ‘Basic Documents’.
  • Original RC is collected
  • Original Policy Schedule is collected
  • 2 Keys to the vehicle are collected
  • Form 28, 29 & 30 in triplicate, duly signed by the insured
  • Indemnity bond
  • Copy of Pan Card
  • FIR (Wherever required)
  • NEFT form and canceled cheque
  • NOC and form 16 if hypothecation is present.

How To Find Out a Cashless Garage for ICICI Lombard Car Insurance?

For filing a cashless car insurance claim, you need to take your car to one of the network garages or workshops of the company. You can easily find a cashless garage for ICICI Lombard by following the below steps.

  • Go to the official website of the company and click on the Motor Claims option under the Claims tab that is there on the homepage.
  • On the landing page, under the Important Links section, you will find the View Garage List option, click on that.
  • You will be directed to a new page. There, select the necessary credentials as per your requirements such as your car type, state name, city name, and particular manufacturer, and then, click on the Select Garages option.
  • After putting all the required details, click on the Search option and, you will find the network garages of ICICI Lombard within your vicinity.

Frequently Asked Questions

An FIR/police report is mandatory in case of a major accident, injury to 3rd party or occupants, malicious acts, theft, or third party damage.

You can log in to the IL Take Care app with your policy number to check your ICICI Lombard car claim status. Else, you can also check the status of your claim on the official website of the company.

In case of a reimbursement claim, you need not take your car to a network garage of the company. Here, you need to pay all the bills on your own, and then, you can get your admissible claim amount reimbursed by submitting the original bills and payment receipts to the insurer’s office. On the other hand, in the case of a cashless claim, you need to use only the network garage of the company and the insurer will pay the claim amount directly to the garage.

When you make no claims, you get a No Claim Bonus (NCB) on your next year’s Own damage premium. The NCB amount starts from 20% of the Own Damage premium, up to a maximum of 50%. If you file a claim, no matter small or large, you will lose NCB benefit. On the other hand, by filing a claim, you can get cover for the expensive repair costs.

If the insurer finds the survey report incomplete in any respect, he will intimate the insured person and ask the surveyor to furnish an additional report on such incomplete issues. Such a request may be made by the insurer within 15 days of the receipt of the original survey report.