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Reliance Car Insurance Claim

When you purchase car insurance, it is viewed as a responsibility with the primary goal of tacking third-party liability and damage in the event of an accident. Reliance General car insurance claim can be raised after an accident if you pay your premiums on time. To receive this type of service from the company, you must submit a claim request to Reliance General Insurance. Moreover, the claim settlement process of the company is very simple and hassle-free.

How To Make A Cashless Claim Against Reliance Car Insurance?

Reliance General Insurance has a large network of 6200+ network garages where its policyholders can get their cars fixed for free. The following is the procedure for filing a cashless claim:

  1. Inform The Company: Call at +91 22 48903009 or use the Reliance Self-i App to notify the company about the accident.
  1. Inspection: After informing the company, a surveyor will be sent by the company to inspect the damages caused to your vehicle.
  1. Give Documents To Surveyor: After inspection, the surveyor will ask for some necessary documents, such as policy copy, valid license, registration copy of the vehicle, etc.
  1. Repair Your Car: Now you can take your vehicle to any nearby network garage and get it repaired there.
  1. Claim Settlement: After verifying all of your documents, the insurance company will directly settle the claim with the network garage.

How To Make A Reimbursement Claim Against Reliance Car Insurance?

The process for making a reimbursement claim against your Reliance car insurance policy is as follows:

  1. Notify The Company: To notify the company about the accident, call +91 22 48903009 or make use of the Reliance Self-i App.
  1. Inspection: After you have notified the company, a surveyor will be sent to evaluate the damages to your car.
  1. Provide Documents To Surveyor: Following the inspection, the surveyor will ask for certain documents, including a copy of the policy, a valid driver’s license, a copy of the vehicle’s registration, and so on.
  1. Repair Your Car: Now, you can tow your vehicle to any nearby garage and get it repaired there.
  1. Make Payment & Submit Documents: Make payment for repairing services at the garage and submit all essential documents including repair bills.
  1. Claim Settlement: Once your documents are verified, the insurance company will then reimburse the respective amount to your registered bank account.

Documents Required During Claim Process Of Reliance Car Insurance

Here is a list of some common documents that you should keep with you during the claim process for the Reliance car insurance policy:

  • Original policy copy
  • Policy number
  • Warranty card
  • All sets of keys of your car
  • Service booklets
  • Copy of registration book
  • Copy of valid driving license along with the original
  • Police FIR (in case of third-party damage)
  • Repair bills and payment receipts