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renault car insurance

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Renault Triber Car Insurance

The Renault Triber is a vehicle with technologies like automatic manual transmission and bump absorption that are intended to alter your driving experience (AMT). This Multi-unit Vehicle (MUV) commands attention on the road with its strong design, contemporary interior, and elegant appearance. This brand-new, 7-seat compact MPV, which was created using cutting-edge modern technology, offers unmatched comfort and convenience with the best passenger compartment in its class in a vehicle under 4 meters long. The Renault Triber is available in 8 variations; the cheapest model is the RXE, and the most expensive one is the RXZ EASY-R AMT Dual Tone, which costs Rs. 8.97 Lakh.

Key Specifications Renault Triber Car

Here are the key specifications of Renault Triber car:

ARAI Mileage18.2 kmpl
Max Torque (nm@rpm)96Nm@3500rpm
Fuel TypeDiesel/Petrol
Boot Space84 Liters
Max Power (bhp@rpm)71.01bhp@6250rpm
Body TypeMUV
Engine Displacement (cc)999
Fuel Tank Capacity40.0 Liters
Ground Clearance Unladen182

Renault Triber Insurance Price (With Different Variants)

Name of the City & RTOSelect Car Fuel TypeRegistration YearIDVAdd-Ons (Zero Dep)Premium
New Delhi – D1Petrol-RXE (999 cc)2022₹2,97,000₹ 1,402Rs. 2, 229
New Delhi – D1Petrol- RXZ EASY-R AMT Dual Tone (999 cc)2021₹4,65,292₹ 2,792Rs. 1, 861
New Delhi – D1Petrol- Limited Edition AMT (999 cc)2021₹4,88,880₹ 4,586Rs. 4,892

Inclusions & Exclusions Under Renault Triber Car Insurance Policy

Finding the Renault Triber insurance with broad coverage? For your Renault Triber, a comprehensive insurance plan would be the best option. The situations that the comprehensive Renault Triber car insurance will cover are listed below.

  • A third party being hurt or killed in the accident.
  • Damage that the accident caused to a third party’s property.
  • Accidental damage to the insured vehicle.
  • Damages to the vehicle brought on by calamities that are either man-made or natural, such as riots, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.
  • Theft of the covered vehicle.
  • Car damage brought on by fire or explosions.

Note- In India, purchasing a Personal Accident (PA) policy in addition to third-party insurance or comprehensive car insurance is required. It offers protection to the policyholder from both serious and small injuries, as well as accidental death.


A Comprehensive Insurance policy may not provide coverage under certain circumstances. These are some examples of these situations.

  • Operating a Renault Triber without a valid driver’s licence, insurance policy, etc.
  • Using alcohol while operating a Renault Triber car.
  • Using the vehicle for competition.
  • Breaking traffic laws and operating a vehicle carelessly
  • Typical wear and tear on vehicles over time
  • Deterioration brought on either mechanical or electrical issues
  • Damages to the Renault Triber while travelling outside the policy’s specified geographic borders.

What Are The Add-on Covers Under Renault Triber Car Insurance Policy?

By extending the Renault Triber insurance policy’s protective coverage, add-on riders ensure you have access to comprehensive financial support in times of need. Customers can significantly alter the kind of rewards they receive from the Renault Triber insurance policy by selecting the appropriate add-on coverage.

  1. Personal Accident Cover

The personal accident add-on rider offers financial support for accident-related injuries or permanent impairments suffered by the driver and any other passengers.

  1. No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

With this add-on coverage, you can maintain the benefits of the No Claim Bonus even if you processed a few claims throughout the policy year.

  1. Consumables Cover

The expense of replacing or refilling the consumable components of the Renault Triber as a result of an accident is covered by a consumables add-on. This protection includes the car’s gearbox, lubricants, oil filters, and engine oil.

  1. Roadside Assistance Cover

With the roadside assistance add-on rider, customers can dial for free assistance at any time, anywhere.

  1. Engine Protection Cover

This coverage makes sure that policyholders won’t have to spend a fortune on potentially necessary, quite expensive engine repair. This supplemental coverage is quite useful when it’s raining a lot. All significant electrical and engine parts are repaired or replaced by the insurer.

Looking To Buy Renault Triber Car Insurance? Here are the Steps to Follow

Although there are many options to purchase Renault Triber car insurance online, choosing Probus Insurance will provide a pleasant experience.

Step #1: When you are on the home page, click on “Car Insurance” on your slight left.

Step #2: You must enter the car’s registration number. Click “Compare Quotes” after that.

Step #3: You may need to select the best insurance provider for you after supplying all the relevant information.

Step #4: Examine the respective selections, check prices, and finally make an online purchase to buy a Renault Triber car insurance policy.

How To Renew Your Renault Triber Car Insurance Policy?

Looking to renew the Renault Triber car Insurance? If so, here are the steps that they need to follow to renew their Renault Triber car insurance policy.

  1. Tap on “Renew Your Policy” on the top and click “Motor Renewal” when the cursor appears over it.
  1. Next, you must choose your insurance provider. After that, you’ll be directed to the relevant insurance website.
  1. Customers may then be prompted for details such as policy and car registration numbers. Click again to proceed. The website design differs depending on the service provider.
  1. To complete the payment for the policy renewal, use a debit or credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about on Renault Car Insurance

Yes, purchasing personal accident insurance in addition to a comprehensive policy is required. Additionally, it offers Rs. 15 lakhs in coverage.

Customers cannot file insurance claims for repairs in such a garage. Even worse, it can make their policy worthless.

A list of networked garages where customers can submit a cashless claim is provided by every insurer.

The engine cover is a unique addition designed to protect a car’s engine from damage, upkeep, and repair. When a car is five years old or older, insurance companies typically do not provide the advantages of an engine cover add-on. It is very improbable that your 7-year-old car will receive an engine cover.