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Shriram Third-Party Car Insurance

The Shriram third-party car insurance coverage protects the policyholder from all third-party liabilities that could result from a traumatic occurrence like a car accident. The cover offers compensation for all third-party losses, including third-party property damages and third-party injury or death.

The Indian Motor Tariff requires every car owner to have at least third-party car insurance, hence the third-party liability protection from Shriram General Insurance is also the least option available to car owners to satisfy the requirement of having a policy cover.

Features & Benefits Of Shriram Third-Party Car Insurance Policy

Let’s take a look at some of the key features and benefits of the policy!

  • Coverage: The Shriram third-party car insurance policy provides up to Rs 7.5 lakhs in compensation for third-party property damage and covers injury or death of a third party caused by the insured’s vehicle.
  • Add-Ons Availability: With the Shriram third-party liability only cover, there are no add-ons available.
  • Affordable: As the policy provides limited coverage to the policyholder, its premium is relatively lower than a comprehensive car insurance policy.
  • Easy Buying Process: One can easily buy the policy online through the insurer’s website. Therefore, there is no need to physically go to the branch office and stand in a queue for buying the policy.
  • Minimum Documentation: The purchasing and renewing process of Shriram’s third-party car insurance requires minimal documentation, which eliminates various kinds of hassles.

Inclusions & Exclusions Of Shriram Third-Party Car Insurance Policy

Every policy comes with its own set of inclusions and exclusions, and Shriram’s third-party car insurance policy is not an exception.

The coverages for the policy are as follows:

  • The insured will be protected against third-party liabilities, including accidental injury, death, and property damage. The maximum payout for third-party property damage is INR 7.5 lacs.

Unfortunately, the plan does not cover the expenses arising out of the following conditions:

  • Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, etc.
  • Man-made disasters, such as riots, wars, etc.
  • Fire and explosions
  • Car theft
  • Damages due to self-ignition
  • Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicating substances
  • Wilful negligence
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Consequential loss
  • Wear and tear of vehicle

Buying Process Of Shriram Third-Party Car Insurance Policy

If one wishes to purchase the policy through an offline method, he/she can go to any nearest branch office of the company and get the process done by filling out the form and paying the premium amount.

However, if one wants to purchase the policy online, he/she has to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Pay a visit to the official website of the company.
  1. Place your cursor on the “Products” tab and then select “Car Insurance” from the drop-down menu.
  1. Enter your car number and mobile number, and then press “Insure Now”.
  1. Enter your personal details, such as name and address as asked on the page.
  1. Make a payment online and your car insurance details will be mailed to you shortly.

How To Claim For Shriram Third-Party Car Insurance Policy?

The policyholder can raise a claim against the Shriram third-party car insurance policy in a few simple steps:

  1. Please make sure you have the following information ready at the time of the claim intimation:
    • Policy no. / Proposal no.
    • Date & time of the accident
    • Driver name and contact no. along with DL details
    • Insured contact details
    • Survey location
    • Estimated loss/ description
  1. Call the customer help desk of the company. Or, you can download the claim intimation sheet from the website, fill it out, and send it to the customer help desk of the company.
  1. Now the customer care agent of the company will accept the claim intimation form and offer a claim reference number.
  1. You will get a text message containing surveyor information after the claim is submitted and a loss assessor is assigned.
  1. The surveyor will get in touch with you to arrange a time to do the survey and will do so.
  1. Once the inspection is complete and the insurer sends a green signal, the company will send your policy to your email ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of the frequently asked questions related to Shriram car insurance renewal.

The following factors are used to determine the premium amount:

  • Car’s age
  • Insured declared value
  • Engine’s cubic capacity
  • Territorial area

Yes, you can ask the insurance provider to represent you in a court settlement.

Yes. You can still submit a claim even if someone else was driving your vehicle.

No, a third party does not provide the no-claim bonus feature.