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Tata Nexon Car Insurance

TATA Nexon is manufactured by Tata Motors. All Tata Motors showrooms in India have vehicles for sale. Tata Motors India Limited produces the subcompact crossover car known as the Tata Nexon. The Nexon is offered in 6 different configurations: XE, XM, XT, XT+, XZ, and XZ+, with other options including an automatic transmission and a dual-tone roof. The price of the car starts from Rs. 6.58 lakhs (ex-showroom New Delhi) to Rs. 11.1 lakhs (ex-showroom New Delhi). A complete Tata Nexon car insurance policy covers both legal obligations to other parties and any harm to the policyholder or their vehicle. For more comprehensive coverage, they can also tack on add-on covers to their existing plan.

Key Specifications Of Tata Nexon

Here are the key specifications of Tata Nexon car:

Fuel TypeDiesel/Petrol
Max Torque (nm@rpm)260nm@1500-2750rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity44.0
ARAI Mileage22.07 km
Body TypeSUV
Transmission TypeAutomatic/Manual
City Mileage18.5 kmpl
Engine Displacement (cc)1497
Max Power (bhp@rpm)108.49bhp@4000rpm
Ground Clearance Unladen209
Boot Space (Litres)350

Tata Nexon Car Insurance Price

Name of the City & RTOSelect Car Fuel TypeRegistration YearIDVAdd-Ons (Zero Dep)Premium
New Delhi – D1XM (1198 cc)- Petrol2020₹4,25,250₹ 3,615Rs. 4, 506
New Delhi – D1Diesel- XE (1497 cc)2019₹3,26,700₹ 3,430Rs. 4, 253
New Delhi – D1Petrol-AMT 1.2 Revotron XMA2021₹5,41,440₹ 3,519Rs. 1, 387

What is Included Under Tata Nexon Car Insurance?

A policyholder must consider the plan’s inclusions while buying Tata Nexon car insurance. The following is a list of the items that are protected by a comprehensive insurance policy, which provides security against loss or damage brought on by mishaps, theft, fire, or natural disasters.

  • Any harm brought on by a natural catastrophe, such as a flood, an earthquake, a typhoon, a tsunami, etc., any damage resulting from traffic accidents.
  • Accidents are unpredictable. Don’t worry if your automobile sustains damage from an accident; your insurance will cover it.
  • Any medical costs incurred to treat the injured person or any third parties.
  • The car is considered a total loss and is covered if it is stolen or damaged in a fire explosion or fire accident.
  • A personal accident insurance policy is legally required; buy one separately and get Rs. 15 lakhs in coverage.

What is Not Covered Under Tata Nexon Car Insurance?

Here is the list of the things not covered under Tata Nexon Car Insurance.

  • If the damage to the owner’s car was brought on by driving without a license or if the vehicle was driven outside of the country’s borders.
  • If the damages were from driving while intoxicated (by alcohol, drugs, or other substances);
  • The typical wear and tear brought on by normal driving and depreciation will not be covered by Tata AIG’s car insurance for Tata Nexon. Additionally, our insurance products do not provide coverage for expenses insured for routine maintenance of the vehicle.
  • If the Tata Nexon was used for business reasons and the injuries or damages were brought on by the driver or their negligence, our insurance policy will not cover them.
  • If the harm was brought on by speeding, reckless driving, crash tests, etc.
  • If the damage to the Tata Nexon was brought on by a war or a situation resembling one.
  • The replacement cost of parts due to wear and tear will only be covered to a maximum of 50% by the Tata AIG auto insurance policy.
  • If the damage to the Tata Nexon is covered by a particular add-on but not by the primary auto insurance policy.

Add-On Covers For Tata Nexon Car Insurance

Here are the popular add-on covers that customers must consider with their Tata Nexon car insurance.

  1. Zero Depreciation cover: A supplement that may be purchased for a higher price. It offers total protection for the car without taking depreciation into account. If the owner’s car is damaged, they are still eligible for a full claim and are not required to pay any depreciation, subject to some limits and circumstances.
  1. Roadside Assistance Coverage: This add-on is available when purchasing auto insurance. It includes services like car repairs, battery jumpstarts, and towing, among others that differ from business to company.
  1. No-Claim Bonus Protection cover: It makes sure that even if they file an insurance claim, their well-earned incentives are safeguarded. Depending on how many NCBs are accumulated, choosing NCB protection could result in inexpensive rates for more than a year.
  1. Engine Protection cover: It protects the owner financially safe from expensive repairs to their damaged engine or its components. focuses on damages caused by leaks of lubricating oil, water intrusion, and many other specific reasons. It covers labor costs, consumables replenishment costs, and repair/replacement costs for all engine and gearbox minor components.
  1. Lock & Key Replacement Cover: Under the terms of the Tata Nexon auto insurance, the insurer will pay for the cost of repairing the locks and making new keys if the car keys are lost or misplaced.

How To Buy Tata Nexon Insurance?

If you are looking to Buy Tata Nexon Car Insurance, follow these simple steps and buy it without any hassle.

  1. Locate the “Products” area at the top of this page. Click “Car Insurance” under vehicle insurance after hovering over it.
  2. After entering your vehicle’s registration number, click “Compare Quotes” to continue.
  3. After entering all of your information, you may need to select the best option for your needs and financial situation.
  4. Compare different quotes, choose the right plan, and make the payment online.
  5. Finally, you have successfully purchased your Tata Nexon car insurance.

How To Renew Tata Nexon Car Insurance policy?

The Tata Nexon car insurance may be renewed online with ease thanks to Probus Insurance. Simply scroll up until you see the form in the top right corner of this page. It’s easy to follow the form stages shown below:

Step #1: Scroll up and find the “Renew Your Policy” option.

Step #2: After clicking on it, you will find “Motor Renewal”. Then, click on it.

Step #3. You will then need to choose your specific insurance. Once you’ve located the ideal insurer, don’t hesitate to click on it.

Step #4: Type in your vehicle’s license plate number and other details. 

Step #5: When it comes to renewing your policy, you may need to make the payment online using a debit card, credit card, or even UPIs after you have confirmed the details.

Step #6: Congratulations- Your policy has been renewed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about on Tata Nexon car insurance

Car insurance does cover flood-related damage to Nexon vehicles. However, coverage is only offered if comprehensive auto insurance is bought.

The coverage for automobile tires under any comprehensive car insurance policy is just for accident-related damage. To assure financial security against tyre damages from any other casualties, however, customers can get tyre protection add-on insurance.

The Nexon insurance policy’s mandatory deductible is merely Rs. 1000 per IRDAI regulation due to the engine’s up to 1497 cubic capacity. When filing a claim against the insurance policy for Nexon, it is a must to pay at least that much.

Personal accident insurance that provides coverage of Rs. 15 lakhs is required to be purchased in addition to a comprehensive policy.

No. Although comprehensive insurance is an optional coverage, it is advised to choose it to benefit from extensive risk coverage.