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United India Car Insurance Claim

Road accidents can occur anytime and soon when that happens, you need a car insurance provider who is quick enough to react and cater to your needs. Fortunately, United India is one of them. Besides its 11,000 employees who are trained to answer at a moment’s notice, the company has developed a simple, quick, and hassle-free car insurance claim process for its customers. All United India’s customers are directed to follow the process correctly to file and get the repairs and finances on time.

How To File a United India Car Insurance Claim?

The claim settling process of United India Car Insurance is simple and quick. Given below are the steps that must be followed while filing a car insurance claim with the United India insurance group.

  • In case an accident takes place anywhere other than the city, the customer should contact the policy issuing office of the company immediately or if the accident takes place anywhere outside the town then contact the nearest office of United India so that a survey can be arranged.
  • In case of major accidents that include losses happening due to fire or riot, the policyholder should keep the vehicle at the accident spot until the spot surveyor comes to the place of accident and inspects the same. Customers should keep the phone no. of the agent or policy issuing office in order to seek a quick response from the company’s side.
  • If there are any third-party injuries or deaths involved with the accident, then the policyholder must inform the nearest police station about the accident by providing full details of injuries or deaths or damage happening to any Third Party Property as the case may be.
  • If the customer provides treatment to any injured person in a Hospital, then the name of the hospital along with the treating doctor’s name should also be informed to the insurance company.
  • Once the above stated formalities are completed by the policyholder, they can move or tow the vehicle to any authorized workshop of their choice and obtain an estimate from them and the same may be submitted to the insurance company together with a completed claim form so that the final survey can be arranged.
  • Customer should also submit to the surveyor a copy of the complaint lodged with the police station along with the original FIR if immediately available. However, in cases where Third Party injuries are involved then FIR is compulsory and the same must be submitted to the insurance office.
  • Once the repairs are carried out for partial loss claims, the customer has to submit the cash bills for spare parts and labour and seek reimbursement if the claim is admissible.

Documents required to Correctly File United India Car Insurance Claim

There is a list of documents that are mandatory to be submitted while filing a car insurance claim with United India Insurance Company. For your convenience, we have listed below a few of those documents. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Vehicle insurance policy
  • Driving license (Original or Copy)
  • Copy of the claim form (duly signed)
  • Original repair bills
  • RC copy of the vehicle
  • FIR- First Investigation Report (In case of theft, injury or damage to third-party, or highway accidents).

How Can You Check Cashless Garages For United India?

As discussed above, United India Insurance Company has partnerships with a long list of network garages all over India. This means added profit for the customers as they can now get their vehicle repaired at their own convenience and at the garages nearest to them. The company has provided complete details about its network garage list on their website. Given below are the steps that you must follow while finding the nearest cashless garage.

  1. Visit the official website of the company.
  1. Select the blue colored Menu Bar available at the top of the page.
  1. From the Menu Bar, click on the ‘Claims’ tab.
  1. Now, select the ‘Cashless Garages’ option.
  1. The page will show you the list of all the cashless garages.
  1. Download the list as per your requirements and you can find out the details of the desired garage.