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Universal Sompo Car Insurance Claim

It’s extremely important to know the claim process once you zero in on a car insurance plan. For some insurance companies, the process is complex and you need to follow a lot of steps to raise a claim and get the reimbursement successfully. Luckily, Universal Sompo General Insurance Company has kept the process very simple and smooth for its customers. Let’s take a detailed look at them so that you have complete financial freedom in the face of any incident.

Claim Process of Universal Sompo Car Insurance

There are two types of claims available with Universal Sompo Car Insurance and the detailed steps are discussed below for both the procedures.

Own Damage Claim and Theft Claim

  • As soon the incident happens, intimate the insurer and that is your top-most priority. You can intimate Universal Sompo by visiting the nearest branch of the company or you can also directly call the insurer using their toll-free number 1800-22-4030. The customer executive of the company will contact you soon and guide you through the further claim process.
  • Do the necessary amendments such as taking your affected car to the nearest network or non-network garage of the company to avoid further damages.
  • You need to submit a written notice informing the insurer about the incident and also submit all the required documents. Along with these, you also need to furnish a detailed financial estimate of the repairs for the damage to your car from any of the garages of your choice.
  • Usually, Universal Sompo approves it but if the company thinks, it may ask to take a second opinion from a different garage. In case of accidental cases of commercial vehicles, the company arranges for a Spot Survey to assess the damage and only then, you can take the car for repair.
  • In case of theft or burglary, it is mandatory to inform the police department and to obtain the certificate of FIR.
  • Once the company receives all the afore-said documents, it appoints a surveyor on behalf of the company to evaluate and assess the damage and loss. After the discussion with the repairers about the estimated cost of replacement or repairing, the surveyor submits his/her report on it.
  • If you have already paid the bills for the repair or replacement of the damage to the garage, you need to submit all the required bills and receipts to the insurer and then, if no discrepancy is found, your claim amount will be reimbursed.
  • It is advised to collect the salvage of panels and other major parts of the car so that the financial loss can be minimized to a certain extent.

Third Party Claim

  • You need to inform the insurer as soon as the damage happens to the third party. The intimation should be in written form.
  • You need to submit all the required documents and produce the necessary information to the company. If there is an eye witness or newspaper cutting about the incident, you need to furnish those too.
  • As soon as your third party claim is registered, the company will start investigating the accident on their behalf. For that, the company will appoint a trained and expert investigator to assess the loss and collect the relevant data. The investigator will also estimate the compensation for the loss.
  • Meanwhile, you need to submit the duly filled and signed claim form along with the necessary documents.
  • Once the court or MACT completes the intimation, an expert advocate from the panel will be appointed and the process will progress accordingly in a healthy way.

Required Documents For Universal Sompo Car Insurance Claim Intimation

The required documents for Universal Sompo Car Insurance Claim intimation are as follows:

  • Policy Number 
  • Name of Insured person, 
  • Date & Time of accident, 
  • Location of the Loss, 
  • A brief description of how the accident took place, 
  • Extent of loss 
  • Car registration number
  • Cassis number
  • Registered email ID and mobile number of the insured person
  • Nature of loss
  • Name of the garage
  • Vehicle claim amount 
  • Total claim amount

How To Know Your Universal Sompo Car Insurance Claim Status?

Universal Sompo General Insurance has built its website in such a way that you can easily check the claim status for your car insurance very easily following the below easy and simple steps.

  • Go to the official of Universal Sompo General Insurance.
  • Click on the ‘Claims’ tab that is available at the top of the homepage.
  • From the panel, select the ‘Claim Status’ option.
  • After that, you need to put the necessary details such as the policy number or the claim number. 
  • And then, click on the ‘Get Claim Status’ option.
  • Your job is done. You easily find out the claim status of your Universal Sompo Car Insurance policy.