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Cholamandalam Car Insurance Claim

Cholamandalam provides a simple claim initiation process for car insurance and accompanies consumers through the entire process until the final disbursement of the claim money, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The company has a large network of over 8500 authorized cashless garages where clients may complete their claim procedure without having to pay any money.

Let’s know more about the Cholamandalam car insurance claim process!

Ways To Claim Car Insurance With Cholamandalam

Apart from the excellent protection that keeps you safe, getting insurance with Cholamandalam comes with a slew of other advantages. Chola MS provides a very smooth and hassle-free claim settlement process. It can also be started in a variety of ways!

  • Website: You can visit the official website of Cholamandalam and initiate the claim process from it. Just click on the “Claims” link and a page will be displayed showing different insurance claim options. Click on “File A Claim” under the “Car Insurance” section. Then, enter your policy number and press “Submit”. Your claim process will be initiated by the company.
  • Toll-Free Number: You can also initiate the Cholamandalam car insurance claim by calling the company’s toll-free number 1800-208-5544. The customer care agent will help you out in filing your claim.
  • Survey App: You can also file a claim against the Cholamandalam car insurance policy by using Survey on the go app. Just download it from the play store and initiate the claim process.
  • Joshu – Chatbot: The company’s website has Joshu, which is an effective chatbot service for customers. Individuals can demand help from Joshu to initiate their claim process against the Cholamandalam car insurance policy.

Cashless Car Insurance Claim Process For Cholamandalam

In order to file a cashless claim against your Cholamandalam car insurance policy, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Notify The Company: Notify Cholamandalam of the accident/mishap right away. You can contact the insurance company by dialing 1800-208-5544. You can also notify the insurer by going to its general insurance website and clicking on the ‘Claims’ link. To request a claim initiation, log in with your credentials, give your insurance details, and click the ‘Make a Claim’ option.
  1. Inspection: Cholamandalam will assign a surveyor to assess the degree of the car’s damage. If you purchased the ‘On-Site Minor Repair’ add-on when purchasing your insurance, you can request an on-site repair service in the event of minor damages.
  1. Service Request For Towing: Request that the insurer arranges for the towing of the damaged car. Within a 50-kilometer radius of the collision, the company offers towing services. Tow the car to a Cholamandalam authorized garage as soon as possible.
  1. Car Repair: After all formalities and documentation are completed, your car will be fixed at the workshop, and the insurance will pay the total repair cost directly to the garage. Documentation can also be completed online by uploading all required documents to the website.
  1. Take Your Car Home: Pay the mandatory deductible amount to the insurance, as well as the optional deductible amount (if chosen), and drive your car home!

Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim Process For Cholamandalam

If you wish to make a reimbursement claim against your Cholamandalam car insurance policy, make sure you adhere to the following steps:

  1. Notify Cholamandalam: Inform Cholamandalam of the accident/theft/mishap affecting the insured car by calling 1800-208-5544. Inquire with the call centre representative about starting the claim. You can also submit a claim initiation request on the company’s general insurance website.
  1. Damaged Vehicle Inspection: The company will arrange for a surveyor to inspect the extent of the insured vehicle’s damage. However, if the damage is minimal and you purchased the ‘On-Site Minor Repair’ add-on when purchasing the insurance, you can have the car repaired on the spot by the insurer.
  1. Tow The Car To The Closest Garage: After the inspection, take your vehicle to the local garage. You can either arrange for a towing service yourself or submit a request to your insurer.
  1. Vehicle Damage Repair: Repair your car at a nearby garage or workshop. Before driving your car home, make sure you gather all of the original bills from the garage.
  1. Settlement Of Claim: Cholamandalam will reimburse you the claim amount after deducting the appropriate deductibles once all processes have been completed (compulsory and voluntary, if opted for). From the time the formalities are completed, the refund could take up to 7 working days.

What Are The Documents Required For Claim Settlement?

You need to keep the following documents in hand during the claim process:

  • A copy of the driving license
  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • A copy of RC
  • Policy papers
  • Police FIR (in case of theft, death, etc.)
  • Original repair invoice
  • Hospital bills (if hospitalized)

Exclusions Of Cholamandalam Car Insurance Claim Process

In the following situations, the Cholamandalam auto insurance claim process will not be applicable:

  • If the vehicle’s driver does not have a valid driver’s license.
  • If the vehicle’s driver is under the age of 18.
  • As a result of aging, the vehicle experiences normal wear and tear.
  • The vehicle experiences mechanical or electrical failure.
  • If the accident occurred somewhere other than the given geographical location.
  • If the driver disobeyed any traffic laws while on the road.
  • In the event that the driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol while driving.
  • If a commercial vehicle is utilized for personal reasons and vice versa.