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MG Gloster Car Insurance

The MG Gloster is a high-end Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with a stylish body and a plethora of contemporary features. In India, there are six different MG Gloster models available: the Gloster Super 7 STR, Gloster Smart 6 STR, Gloster Sharp 7 STR, Gloster Sharp 6 STR, Gloster Savvy 7 STR, and Gloster Savvy 6 STR. Each of these models has an automatic transmission and a diesel-powered engine. The Gloster Super 7 STR and the Gloster Smart 6 STR have 2.0 Turbo 2WD, while the other four have 2.0 Twin Turbo 4WD, which is the main distinction between them.

Key Specifications

Here are the key specifications of the MG Gloster car.

Engine Displacement (cc)1996
Max Power (bhp@rpm)212.55bhp@4000rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity75.0
ARAI Mileage12.04 kmpl
Max Torque (nm@rpm)478.5Nm@1500-2400rpm
Body TypeSUV
Wheel Base2950 mm
Available Ground Clearance210 mm

Insurance Premium of MG Gloster Car Insurance

Name of the City & RTOSelect Car Fuel TypeRegistration YearIDVAdd-Ons (Zero Dep)Premium
New Delhi – D1MG Gloster Savvy 6 STR 2.0 Turbo 2WD (1996 cc)2022₹24,05,840₹ 15,253Rs. 18, 477
New Delhi – D1MG Gloster Sharp 6 STR 2.0 Twin Turbo 4WD (1996 cc)2021₹23,10,640₹ 14,649Rs. 17,746
New Delhi – D1MG Gloster Savvy 7 STR 2.0 Twin Turbo 4WD (1996 cc)2021₹25,35,040₹ 16,072Rs. 19, 469

What is Covered Under MG Gloster Car Insurance?

The following damages are covered if you purchase MG Gloster car insurance:

  1. Damages caused by fire, explosion, or ignition to the insured vehicle.
  1. Natural disaster-related harm to the insured MG Gloster, such as floods, cyclones, hurricanes, etc.
  1. Damage to the insured vehicle brought on by human actions such as terrorism, vandalism, strikes, riots, etc.
  1. The insured vehicle suffered damage while it was being transported by air, water, rail, or land.
  1. claims resulting from third-party liabilities, such as those involving third-party property damage, injury, and death.
  1. Theft or break-in-related damage to the insured car.

What is not Covered Under MG Gloster Car Insurance?

The following items are not covered by your MG Gloster car insurance:

  1. The car sustained self-inflicted harm
  1. Losses incurred as a result of engaging in illegal behaviour
  1. Damages sustained while driving without a valid licence or insurance documents
  1. Damages brought on by another driver who is not covered by insurance
  1. Damages were sustained while driving while drunk.
  1. Damages incurred or brought on by the owner’s negligence
  1. Damages sustained from using the vehicle for a purpose it was not intended for.

What are the Add-on Covers Under MG Gloster car insurance?

Here is the list of the add-on covers under MG Gloster car insurance.

  1. No Claim Bonus

Despite filing numerous claims during a single policy year, no claim bonus is kept.

  1. Zero Depreciation

At the time of filing a claim, depreciation on components composed of glass, plastic, rubber, nylon, etc. is not taken into account.

  1. Roadside Assistance

Also referred to as breakdown coverage, it offers help such as towing service, minor repairs, spare key arrangements, etc.

  1. Personal Accident Cover

If the owner-driver passes away, gets disabled, or sustains injuries as a result of an accident, this form of coverage offers compensation of up to Rs. 15 lacs.

  1. Engine Protection Cover

offers protection if the engine is lost or damaged as a result of problems like water intrusion or oil spill, among others.

  1. Consumable Cover

The cost of consumables like oil, nuts & bolts, lubricants, etc. is not covered by a standard auto insurance policy. These expenditures are, however, covered by this kind of add-on.

  1. Accessories Cover

You may cover automotive accessories like a vacuum cleaner, anti-theft device, battery charger, fire extinguisher, etc. with this add-on.

  1. Passenger Cover

If any of the car’s occupants are hurt, this insurance will pay for hospital bills, ambulance fees, and other related costs.

  1. Invoice Cover

Return to invoice coverage reimburses the automobile owner up to the amount specified on the invoice in the case of a total loss, constructive loss, or theft of the vehicle.

  1. Key Replacement Cover

This add-on covers costs associated with replacing the insured vehicle’s keys.

  1. Misplacement of Personal Items

Your insurer will cover any losses or damages to the majority of your personal belongings kept in the car if you have a Loss of Personal Belongings Cover.

How To Buy MG Gloster Car Insurance?

Here are the steps to purchase the right MG Gloster car insurance.

Step #1: On the top of the Probus insurance website, you will see the “Products” section. Click on it.

Step #2: Customers can see the “Motor Insurance” section. Under this, they need to click on “Car Insurance”. After you click it, a new page asking for the vehicle’s registration number will appear.

Step #3: Customers must select “Compare Quotes” after correctly entering all the necessary information.

Step #4: A list of insurance service providers will then be provided. It is advisable to select the best insurance provider. Compare costs, and then make the payment to purchase the MG Gloster car insurance.

How To Renew MG Gloster Car Insurance?

Here is the list of the steps to be followed to renew the MG Gloster car insurance policy.

  1. On the top of this page, there is a “Renew Your Policy” section. After that, you will need to hover over it and then click on “Motor Renewal”
  1. There will be a new page. Policyholders would discover a variety of insurers on the right side. Choose the appropriate option. After that, they will be directed to the insurance provider’s website, wherein they must input their vehicle’s registration number. Once done, click on “Renew” or “Proceed”.
  1. Make the payment using a Debit or Credit Card to renew the MG Gloster car insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about on MG Motor car insurance

Indeed, every component of your car—aside from the tubes and tyres—will be covered by the zero depreciation add-on cover.

Sadly, as stated by Section 64VB of the Insurance Act of 1938, you cannot pay the premium for your MG Gloster car insurance in installments. Before receiving insurance from your insurer, you must pay all of your payments.

If you drive an MG Gloster without insurance, you could be subject to a fine of up to 2,000 rupees or a three-month jail sentence.

With the third-party-only insurance coverage, your insurer will only provide up to INR 7.5 lakhs for property damages to the third party. There is no set cap on their bodily damages, and MACT or the Court of Justice determines the precise amount.

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